Why must you register for a rideshare Cover Melbourne?

Do you want to drive for Uber? Rideshare services have created many employment opportunities. The industry witnessed a quick rise in recent years. Car owners who needed some extra cash on the side decided to drive for these rideshare platforms. The easy sign-up process made it even more convenient for the drivers.

Although Uber and Ola do not have too many conditions for you to start working for them it does require you to have a Rideshare Cover in Melbourne. Without a damage coverage policy, you will not be able to earn money.

Having a damage coverage plan works like a safety net for your car. Your car is an important asset, and you cannot afford to damage it. Also when you are working for a rideshare platform, you and your client's safety should be your priority. No customers will be willing to ride in a car that has no Rideshare Cover.

Your Cover for rideshare car Melbourne will cover for any damages that may occur if you ever get into an accident. It will not only pay for your medical bills but also your customer's.

What is the Cost of Rideshare Cover?

Rideshare damage coverage policies can be of different types and they all have different rates. Some are cheaper while some have right high premium rates. There are several Rideshare Cover provider in Melbourne that offer cheap rideshare damage coverage plans, but we offer the Cheapest rideshare Cover Melbourne.

Our low premium rates are what that makes us the Best rideshare Cover Melbourne. We are able to keep the rates low simply because we do not use a standard formula to set the rates. Our policies are tailor-made for you. We calculate the distance between your residence and the pick-up points and also the time you spend on the app to decide the premium rate for you. Also, we offer you the option to lower your premium rate by maintaining a good driving score. This is why we are the Best Rideshare Cover in Melbourne.

A look at our major coverage plans

We have been discussing extensively the term Comprehensive coverage but let us go through the benefits of this.


How to register for the right damage coverage plan?

With too many coverage providers in the market, we do not blame you for getting all confused. But check out some of our tips, to find a coverage provider that suits your needs.


Seek help from a broker

All the terms and conditions can go over your head. In that case, do not rely on your gut instincts, and just get a broker. The broker will find a suitable damage coverage policy for your vehicle.


Third-party property damage plan

Drivers that are unable to afford the comprehensive coverage plan can settle for this third party property damage plan. The plan will for damages that you cause to other property while you are on duty, but this kind of plan does not cover your car. So if your car withstands any damage, you will have to pay for it yourself. As the Top Rideshare Cover services in Australia, we offer many more services. Check out our list of services to know more. Rideshare services require you to have the basic CTP cover and an extra coverage plan for you to start driving for them.



Damage coverage plans differ. There are damage coverage plans that only cover your car if you work part-time, or you work for a stipulated period of time or it just covers your car for personal use and not commercial use. So you need to do your research well before you sign the contract. If you have queries contact the provider directly. We at CTRS are always available if you ever have any questions to ask or need any clarification.


Price is not the end of it

Price is important, yes, but you need to look beyond that to make sure you do not regret signing up for it. Read the documents carefully. Do not be impulsive and choose a contract just because the premium is low. Check out the terms and conditions, what does the policy cover and what it does not.


Comprehensive coverage plan

The comprehensive plan includes all the events that are mostly left out of in the CTP and the third party property damage plan. We highly recommend this to our drivers due to being high coverage. Although you should keep in mind that the premiums on these types plans tend to be high.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How to get a free quote?

You can get a free quote by clicking on the Get a Quote button on your screen. Alternatively, you can drop us an email.

We do things a bit differently at CTRS. We do not follow the standard rule of having the same rate for every driver. We take into consideration your driving skills and also the distance you cover to find a more fair solution.

For any complaints, all you need to do is drop us an email. We are sorry if we failed to satisfy you, but we would be more than willing to know about your trouble and do everything possible to rectify our mistakes.

You can make a claim whenever you want but of course, you will have to check first whether the event is covered or not.