Our Services

We always pay attention to excellence. That is why we will provide you with the best quality services along with a knowledgeable agent to solve all your problems and bridge the gap between you and the company.

When you have done , you will also expect an efficient claim settlement process when needed. Right? To get that service, you must go through the manual given by us and follow the steps carefully to put the claim. We will ensure that you get your compensation as soon as possible.

We have some experienced people who know all the details about automobiles. They will check your car and also investigate the accident scene. It will help you a lot in your claim settlement because they will produce the correct report. That report will help you a lot to get the best out of your policy.

Sometimes it is quite important to take legal help for any type of disputes. In that case, you can directly contact us. We will provide you with the best legal advice possible for your car . It will help you to understand all the legal details of a particular situation.

Whenever you will meet with an accident, you may get into a lot of disputes. But now you don’t have to worry about that at all. You can immediately contact us and we will send our expert people to understand the matter and solve it as soon as possible for you.

Like most of the car companies out there, we also have some motor garages on our list that will give you cashless repairing services. You just have to apply for it in our portal and you will get the instructions. If you follow the instructions carefully,

There are so many instances when you have to replace your tyres and also need to do some mother services. In that case, we will give you some awesome discounts on tyre replacement. Isn’t that great?

Comprehensive Car Cover

We have the offer for comprehensive car cover which will pay the cost of the replacement or repairing of a vehicle which is covered under the . If your car is damaged by some collision or rollover then you can avail of this cover. It is also applicable the stolen cars. Generally, comprehensive coverage is for the people who go through the damage in their car because of having or any kind of accidents. It can also cover the expenses of windshield repairing and glasses. The comprehensive car cover applies to temporary cars and the car driven by you but not owned by any of your family members. If you want to avail of the comprehensive car cover then you need to check the damage beforehand so that you can apply for the coverage under the plan. We will also investigate the level of damage and then only we will decide the settlement amount for your car. We also have some deductible amounts for a particular set of things. And we will compensate the whole amount deducted those amounts. There are different reasons why you should choose comprehensive car coverage. If you have a high-value car or live in a particular area that is prone to different natural disasters then you should go for comprehensive car coverage rather than the normal one. And if you are staying in an area where a regular matter is then also this coverage can serve your purpose well.

Rideshare Cover

Currently rideshare cover has become quite popular among car owners. Whenever you will use your car in some rideshare companies then you cannot use the normal personal for the vehicle you are using for the business purpose. And in that case, the rideshare cover will come to your rescue. You can choose a rideshare cover if you own a vehicle of a rideshare company. You can even get the benefits of this coverage if you drive a car of this type of company. So it is solely made for business usage. Sometimes this coverage can also opt for both business and personal usage of your car. But most of the time the car owners of different right share companies choose this as their primary policy. And in all these years this policy has proven to be a fruitful one for the vehicle owners out there. If you are having a rideshare car service then you should go for this policy.

Taxi and Hire Car Cover

The taxis and hire cars do not come under the personal car policy. You cannot even use them under the rideshare cover as well. So, in that case, you have to opt for the taxi and hire car cover. This policy will help you to get the proper compensation in case you damage your taxi or hire car. Currently, it is the best solution for all the higher car owners out there. Because while on road they also go through some accidents and they don't find any policy to claim the . And this type of car covers will help them a lot to get the compensation after the damage repairing of their car. If you are thinking to purchase a taxi or a hire car then you must consider doing and for a taxi and hire car cover.

Uber Eats Cover

If you own the Uber Eats vehicle then you have to make sure that your driver has the commercial for the vehicle itself. Then only you will get the coverage for the vehicle in case of any type of accident. Because Uber Eats Company always provide some coverage but that may not be enough for the drivers. Because it does not cover all the compensation when an Uber Eats vehicle gets into some accident.

Van Cover

The goods carrying vans are prone to different accidents and that is why a proper van cover should be there to cover all the expenses of their damage. That is why we have some effective van cover which will compensate all the expenses of the damages in your goods carrying van. Along with the van, you can also get coverage of all the materials you are carrying in it in the plans available right now.