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Your regular car coverage plan cannot cover you when you are using your car for commercial purposes like Uber! This is why you need a comprehensive and all-inclusive Uber cab Cover plan that offers holistic coverage and offers complete safety to you, your vehicle and your passengers!

Keep your vehicle protected with the perfect Uber car Cover Melbourne!

Normal private car coverage policies do not cover your vehicle when you are using the car for ridesharing. If you drive an Uber in Australia, then you will need a specialized coverage plan that offers protection for vehicles being used for ridesharing. A specialized Uber car Cover Melbourne is the perfect choice in such cases. A lot of companies or insurers offer a wide range of plans for drivers who are ridesharing or drive Ubers.

CTRS Club is one of the most reliable companies offering a wide range of holistic coverage plans for Uber drivers and rideshare vehicles. If you are driving for UberX, Uber Comfort, UberPool, UberXL, Lyft, and other such rideshare services, then it’s understandable that your primary concern is always keeping your car on the road. With an all-inclusive Uber cab Cover chosen and recommended by our specialists, you can be stress-free about safety and protection, and most importantly, keeping your car on the road.

Accidents and theft of cars are a matter of grave concern. Ranging from legal complications to financial implications, such incidents cause considerable stress and hassles. Above all, your safety and the safety of passengers in the Uber, during the incident is also a matter of concern. With an appropriate Uber cab Cover plan from us, your vehicle is covered against any cases of accidental loss or damage which may include events like fire, flood, weather events, theft and any kind of driving accidents.

If you are wondering about the cost for Uber car Cover, then you will be surprised about the kind of coverage plans you find at CTRS Club, and at the most affordable prices in the Australian market.

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Getting the best Uber car Cover plan Melbourne is not the easiest task but it is not very difficult as well, especially with our specialists by your side. If you are looking to get a cheap Uber car Cover Melbourne, then CTRS Club is the perfect destination for you. For every Uber car owner or driver, the safety of the vehicle and the passengers is of paramount importance. Accidents may cause damage to public or third party properties as well as the vehicle and to keep your vehicle protected against accidental damages, Uber car Cover Melbourne is the best way to go.

Ranging from third party property damage to complete protection of your vehicle components against accidental damages, we offer all-inclusive Uber cab Cover plans in Melbourne, Australia for all drivers using their vehicle for rideshare services. With specialised ridesharing coverage, you do not need to worry about covering the financial expenses in case of any unfortunate events. We can also arrange temporary wheels for you to keep your operations running when your vehicle is out of service.

Whatever your needs are, get the best and cheap Uber car Cover Melbourne at CTRS Club. Get complete and holistic coverage with the help of specialized Uber car Cover Melbourne and the assistance of our experts! Talk to us today!

Why CTRS Club for the best Caravan Cover Melbourne?

  • Pristine reputation in the industry
  • Several years of industry experience
  • Several satisfied customers all across Australia
  • Highly experienced and qualified consultants to assist you with your needs
  • Comprehensive and third party coverage for Uber cab Cover plans
  • Lowest cost for Uber car Cover and the highest value for money
  • 24x7 claims and customer assistance with a dedicated support team
  • Easy cancellation of policies
  • Emergency roadside assistance for all kinds of Uber car Cover Melbourne
  • Reliable and trusted repair services

What We Offer

Here are the key takeaways of the best Uber car Cover Melbourne we offer to our customers.


Quick Repairs

Getting your car back on the road is our priority too. Get trusted and fast repair services with our expert repair centres at several major locations.


Physical Injuries

Our Uber cab Cover also covers against any physical injuries caused to the driver or passenger.


Legal Liability Cover

If any damage is caused to third party property, we have you covered.



In case of any unfortunate events that lead to the death of a passenger or the driver, our Uber car Cover Melbourne can offer complete financial assistance.


Emergency Roadside Assistance

Lightning-fast roadside assistance from a team of specialists if you ever run into an accident on the road.


Windshield and Window Glass Cover

We offer a specialised windshield and window glass cover that can be added to your Uber cab Cover plan if you want.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Is it mandatory to have a car coverage policy for my Uber?

Yes. It is mandatory by law to have an Uber cab Cover plan when you are using your vehicle for rideshare services. In fact, a coverage policy is mandatory for all vehicles on the road.

Making a claim is easiest with CTRS Club. Simply login to our claim portal and fill in all the essential details. You can make claims 24x7 and for any assistance we have a special support team ready to answer you anytime you want.

Depending on the market value of your vehicle, the features of your plan and the kind of coverage you need, the cost for Uber cab Cover is decided.

Unfortunately no! It is not! You need a specialized Uber car Cover Melbourne that covers you when you are using your car for Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services.