Best-In-className Silver Taxi Cover

Silver Taxi service has its fame all over Melbourne, Australia. It also falls under the top className ride and shares communities in Australia. This community was established many years ago with just a few members in it. But while you are providing this service you would need a Silver Taxi Service Cover Melbourne. When looking for Silver Tax Service Coverage, there is no better provider than us. We offer you coverage from all sides and that too well in your budget.

Know More About Our Plans

We are among the most reputable Silver Taxi Cover provider we make sure that your car is completely secured in every way. Our years of experience in the Taxi industry has led us to understand the workings of this field. This is what makes us so dedicated to providing you with amazing coverage deals that are efficient and are in your budget as well. We will get you the best deals, in the taxi coverage market.

We have tailored made the coverage plans just according to your needs and preferences. If you are looking for customized coverage plans then you are at the right place. We are ready to offer you a customized plan and guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction. These plans may be customized but they are extremely affordable. Be it vehicle coverage, taxi replacement, coverage for taxi breakdown, we take care of all of it here. Our quotes are reliable and reasonable for you to afford.

Features that We Offer

Before we invest a single penny we always look for the benefits and features we are getting in return. It is the same with top Silver Taxi Cover services like ours, here are the features that we provide at CTRS Club –


Mileage policies for Taxi Cover

We are here to provide you with best in className mileage policies for taxi Cover. Our Mileage policies are known to be the best all over Melbourne.



We follow every guideline and legal regulations when it comes to taxi coverages. We make sure that our customers do not have to face any kind of legal harassment for our irregularity.


Payment Flexibility

We have made it quite easy for our customers to pay us. Our payment methods are quite easy. You can choose a flexible time to pay your premiums. You can also choose your payment method.


Excellent Employees

Our employees are ready to provide you with excellent customer service. They will guide you from choosing the right plan to selecting your payment methods. They are always by your side to provide you with humble assistance.


Attractive Discounts

There is rarely any customer who is not attracted by discounts. At our Rideshare club, we will offer you amazing discounts. If yours is a startup or a new business we will provide you with appealing discounts.


Affordable Interest Rates

At our club you can expect the lowest interest rates, this makes our premiums even more affordable for our customers to pay. Being safe will not burn a hole in your pocket. The cost of Silver Taxi Cover becomes quite low and affordable.



At our club, you can expect reliability. We are the topmost reliable and reputed taxi coverage provider in Melbourne. We have been in this business for too long and have been our customer’s favorite choice.


All-round Coverage

Our agency is here to provide you with all in one coverage for your Silver Taxi Service. We are here to protect your service at all costs be it theft liability or accidental coverage, we will provide all in your plans.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How to apply to these covers?

If you are using your car for business purposes you would need to apply through the application process after you select the ridesharing option during the process.

Well. You need to have a proper cover for your car if you are in any rideshare community. Getting ordinary car coverage will not be wise as it will only provide coverage if you are using it for personal reasons, not if you are using it to carry passengers.

If your car has gotten into an accident while you were on the duty of the silver taxi service you can make a claim. You first need to get information including the name, registration details, and address of other drivers and witnesses who are involved in the accident. The next step is to report the accident to us with complete details. The last step is to notify your company about the accident.

The extension cost will depend on how much you are driving the vehicle. There are also other factors such as the area you live in, other factors that influenced the cost of your car Cover will also affect the extension cost.

Yes, it is completely possible to get multiple cars covered under one plan at our Silver Taxi Cover Melbourne. This will save you from a lot of paperwork and even save you money.

Get your car covered at the lowest rates with flexible payment methods. We are here to protect your car, you and your passengers as well.