Damage coverage policy for drivers: why do you need it?

Do you want to drive for uber or ola or any other ride-sharing platforms? If you want to then you need to have a ridesharing damage coverage policy in place. Without any Third Party Car Cover, you will not be able to use your car for business purposes.

Ridesharing services have become increasingly popular among the Aussies because of the convenience and how cheap the service is. This also gave the opportunity to those owning cars to make some extra cash while working for these platforms, but there is one catch. The personal damage coverage policy that you have for your car will not cover any damages that are caused to your car while you are on the clock.

This makes it essential for you to have a Third-party car Cover Melbourne that covers all events and you do not have to pay a huge amount of money from your pocket to cover all the damages. CTRS Club is one of the best Third Party Car Cover providers in Melbourne providing Cheap third party car Cover Melbourne.

Here are a few reasons why you need a rideshare coverage plan


Report the incident to the ridesharing company

At last, you also need to report the incident to the ride-sharing company that you are working for. Majority of these platforms generally have a plan for their drivers that can surely cover for some of the damages caused. When they are done checking all the details, you will soon receive the money. At CTRS Clubs, you can make hassle-free claims at any time of the day. Give us a call today to receive your quote!


You may be a safe driver but others may not be

You may have enough confidence in your driving skills, and may think you don't need Best Third Party Car Cover in Melbourne, but can you say the same about the other driver? What if your car incurs damages because of the rash driving of other drivers or what if the passenger opens the car in a narrow lane and bumps the car door? Think of the coverage plan as a safety net because your car is a very important asset.


Cannot sign up for rideshare services if you do not have a third party damage coverage plan for the car

Signing up to become a Uber driver or a Lyft driver seems easy and it is, but they will not accept you until you have a damage coverage plan for your vehicle. You will not be able to work as a uber driver unless you sign up for a coverage plan. Different ride-sharing platforms may have different requirements and you need to check those out before you sign up as a driver.


We offer our drivers affordable rideshare coverage plans

We know the Cost of Third Party Car Cover can be pretty high. This one of the major reasons why drivers often contemplate over opting for third party coverage. Majority of the Uber drivers are young and for them paying such high premiums on coverage policies can be tough, which is why we at CTRS Club, have come up with rideshare coverage plans that are cheap and affordable. Our affordable and tailor-made policies for drivers make us one of the Top Third Party Car Cover services providers in Australia.


Protect yourself and your passengers

When you are driving for Uber or Ola, you should have a coverage plan that not only protects you but also your passengers if you ever get into an accident. Accidents are unpredictable. Instead of regretting it and finding yourself in deep financial trouble, later on, it is best to have one of the Top Third Party Car Cover in Melbourne.


Comprehensive coverage policy

Comprehensive coverage policy covers what TPPD covers and a lot more. It covers damages for incidents like natural disasters, hit and run, vandalism and even fire. Since the comprehensive coverage policy is a high coverage plan, the premiums tend to be costly. At, CTRS Club, the Top third party car Cover Melbourne, you can get both of these policies and many more benefits.


Third-party property damage (TPPD)

As the name states, this policy covers any damages that you cause someone else's property while on duty. This also covers injuries caused to your passenger's pet.


How can you make a claim?

If you are involved in an accident that is insured, you can always make a claim. Accidents can be nerve-wracking but you need to remain and collect all the necessary information to raise a request for a claim.


Collect the information

First and foremost you need to collect the information of the party involved in the accident with you. Get their names and addresses and their contact numbers.


Report the incident to the coverage provider

As soon as you are done collecting the required information, immediately report the whole incident in full details to your coverage provider.


What kind of coverage policy do you need?

In Australia,it is mandatory for all registered cars to have CTP, compulsory third party protection. It is mandated by law but this policy is not enough to cover all the damages. Apart from CTP, there are two other forms of protection that you can get for your car.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Does the rideshare coverage plan cover my car for personal usage?

Yes, it does cover for personal usage of your car! You do not have to get a separate coverage plan for that.

The cost of the coverage plan is determined by how frequently you drive for the ride-sharing company and your place of residence.

Third-party property plans only cover you for the damage you caused to other's property whereas comprehensive covers both the damage done to other's property as well as yours.

No, we do not offer roadside assistance. We only provide damage coverage policies for rideshare drivers.