Rideshare coverage policy- is it worth it?

The cab hail services have seen a boom due to the ease of transportation it provides to the customers. Not only is it easier to book a cab now, but customers get so many discounts on rides. Due to the recent boom in the industry, many car owners are interested to drive for these platforms. You get to use your car for business as well as earn some money on the side! Sign up does not involve too many documentation and neither does it take too long to start driving for Uber or Ola. But there is one thing that can stop you from working with Uber. Uber and Ola both need their drivers to have some kind of a Third Party Property Damage Cover plan in place for their car, so that if you ever get caught up in an accident, you will be covered.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you must consider getting a Third Party Property Damage Cover Melbourne.


Only fair priced policies

We are the Best Third Party Property Damage Cover in Melbourne that offers the Top Third Party Property Damage Cover services in Australia. All our policies are fairly priced in hopes that we can help the rideshare drivers to create a safety net for their asset without going broke. Premiums are calculated according to your age and your driving skills which allows us to keep it fair.


Inexperience in driving

Study shows that younger drivers who have comparatively less experience in driving are the most likely to get involved in an accident. If you do not want to lose a valuable asset, you must register for a damage coverage plan from a Third Party Property Damage Cover provider.


Comprehensive coverage plan

Comprehensive coverage plan covers all the events that CTP and third party property damage plans do not cover. This is the most recommended coverage plan for rideshare drivers, but since this plan tends to have high premium rates, drivers opt for a cheaper coverage plan like the TPPD.


Accidents are unpredictable

Truth be told, no matter how much faith and confidence you have in your driving skills, you cannot predict accidents. Even very experienced drivers get into accidents. You can gauge the driving skills of other drivers, which is why you need a safety net - a damage coverage plan. The coverage plan shall cover your passenger, your car as well as pay for your medical bills.


Damage costs can rise steadily

If you do not have a proper damage coverage plan, you will end up paying out of your pocket for all the damages. At the site of the accident, you may not be able to gauge the extent of the damage that has been caused but once it is calculated, later on, you will be surprised to see the amount rising. A damage coverage plan will save you from this financial trouble as your insurer will take care of all things. Investing in a good damage coverage plan is worth it. If you are worried about the Cost of Third Party Property Damage Cover, yes there are some expensive ones but you can also get Cheap Third Party Property Damage Cover Melbourne. At CTRS club, the Best Third Party Property Damage Cover Melbourne, we hope to create an affordable option for the rideshare drivers and hence we offer the cheapest damage coverage policies. The premiums are calculated according to the place where you live and how frequently you use the rideshare app.


Does not the mandatory CTP cover my car?

The Australian government has made it mandatory for a majority of the states to have the basic CTP cover for registered cars. You cannot take your car out for a ride unless you have the CTP coverage. But this basic protection is not enough because you cannot claim certain events like:

  • Hit and run case
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • If the accident was caused by a driver who was not insured.
  • Damaged caused by natural disasters
  • Fire
Uber and Ola require to have CTP as well as another third party property coverage plan that will cover the events that CTP does not cover. The types of coverage plans that we offer We offer several coverage plans for our drivers and also other add-on services. Here are two popular coverage plans that you need to get your car registered for: Third-party property damage coverage (TPPD) This coverage plan covers all the damages caused to someone else's property. This plan also covers damage to other's pet. We offer the Top Third Party Property Damage Cover Melbourne with the best possible rate.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How to lodge a complaint?

If you have complaints regarding our services we are always ready to listen to your grievances and provide you with better services next time. Drop us an email and our team will get back to you.

Unlike what you think, making a claim is not at all complicated. First, acquire all the required information at the accident site and report the incident to both the rideshare company you work for and us. One of us will immediately get back to you after receiving your claim request.

Unlike our competitors, we are not trying to rip you off. We want to help you protect your asset and hence we have devised to way to keep the prices fair enough. The premiums are calculated based on where you live and how frequently you work for the rideshare company.

Well, you just have to go to our site and sign up for it. You can also get a free quote if you want one. For further enquiries, we are always here to help you.